About us

Executive Data App’s mission is to provide team leaders and team members of all hierarchical levels with highly elaborate but simple-to-use tools to enhance their performance.

Successfully working in diverse teams and networks has become one of the most important drivers for success. At the same time the working environment is getting more complex and dynamic. Executive Data Apps (EDA) creates tools usable for everyone via app and web-interface to support individuals and teams in managing these challenges more easily.

EDA tools provide a pathway for developing into high performing individuals and teams. All instruments are developed for leaders who are passionate about high performance and willing to discover and unleash potential for improvement in their teams - and for themselves.

EDA tools are user-friendly, based on extensive experience, most effective and basically for free. All tools have been applied most successfully over years in workshops, trainings, team development processes, and coachings. The tools and the results are scientifically monitored and will be continuously improved. When using the EDA web tools, you will always work with the latest available version.

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Executive Data Apps is a project of the Munich Leadership Group and is supported by major companies.